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Balanced Bridge Funding Provides Financing to Plaintiffs with Sex Abuse Awards from Settled Cases
April 3, 2020

Balanced Bridge Funding, LLC (“Balanced Bridge”) now offers a special financing program for plaintiffs involved in settled sex abuse cases, who have awards and are interested in receiving a portion of their award upfront.

In cases like USC George Tyndall and Larry Nassar, plaintiffs are placed in categories in accordance to their level of abuse. Once they receive notification of their award, they may want to access a portion prior to the anticipated distribution. Balanced Bridge can give them the option to do that. “Our past experience dealing with plaintiffs in these kinds of cases has given us the confidence to move forward with this specially designed program,” says Joseph Genovesi, CEO of Balanced Bridge. As a direct funder, Balanced Bridge is able to communicate and coordinate funding to plaintiffs with awards in a matter of days.

Rogue gynecologists like Larry Nassar, George Tyndall, and Nikita Levy are well known because of the abuse they inflicted on their patients. Each of them was accused of sexual abuse, and because of that, the institutions they worked for were also sued. USC, Michigan State, U.S. Olympics, and John Hopkins University eventually settled with the plaintiffs, costing these institutions millions of dollars. However, with such settlements, the monetary awards the plaintiffs are slated to receive can take a long time to payout.

In other news related to the sex abuse cases, the Boy Scouts of America are facing hundreds of lawsuits from plaintiffs who alleged they were abused by officials in the organization. Last month, the organization filed for bankruptcy due to the massive amount of pending litigation, which allegedly paused the lawsuits from moving forward.

In addition to the Boy Scouts of America, lawsuits and settlements against religious organizations and officials of all faiths have increased. School districts have also been defendants in numerous sex abuse cases. As the atmosphere leans towards the abused making their stories heard and pursuing legal action, lawsuits and settlements will continue to increase.

Plaintiffs who have received notification of their award in their settled case and are interested in receiving a portion upfront can complete an application on Balanced Bridge’s website. They can also contact the company via email at or call 267-457-4540.

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