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Funding Guides

These guides are educational resources that provide an overview of the legal finance space, including how it applies to both plaintiffs and attorneys.

Legal Funding – The Essential Guide

Legal Funding was developed as a cash flow solution for attorneys and plaintiffs. Though the industry has grown tremendously in the past few decades, it’s still a relatively new field, so most people don’t know much about how legal funding works and who will benefit from it.

Lawsuit Funding for Plaintiffs – The Essential Guide

Athletes take out advances against their existing & future contracts so that they can have early access to a portion of their future salaries. These advances are especially useful during the off-season when cash flow is irregular.

Attorney Funding – The Essential Guide

Attorney funding is a subset of legal funding that is tailored specifically to plaintiffs’ attorneys. Types of attorney financing include pre settlement funding, post settlement fee advances, law firm lines of credit, case cost financing, and voucher funding.