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NBA Contract Financing

Balanced Bridge offers financing based on a player’s current NBA Contract or their free agent market value. We also offer various solutions for future NBA players who are preparing for the NBA Draft.

In contrast to most other professional sports leagues, most NBA players receive their salary over all twelve months of the year. Nevertheless, players encounter commitments that may make standard, straight-line loan repayment schedules difficult to manage. Balanced Bridge provides the player with a customized repayment schedule to ensure that it meets their unique cash flow needs.

Financing is available for players under guaranteed and non-guaranteed NBA contracts, as well as for players under two-way NBA contracts.

For what purposes have players utilized an NBA Contract advance for?

  • To provide short-term liquidity for relocation and various other reasons
  • To make an all-cash offer on a home, an investment property, or other types of real estate acquisitions
  • To capitalize on off-the-court investment opportunities where the investment window precedes the cash flow from their current or future NBA contract
  • To invest in their own brand, business ventures, or to invest in their own training and nutrition
  • To consolidate/refinance higher-priced debt
  • Vehicle and other miscellaneous purchases

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