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MLB Contract Financing

Balanced Bridge provides financing to (Major League Baseball) MLB players based on the future cash flows from their contracts, their free agent market values, and the projected values of their contracts during their team-control and arbitration years.

We understand that MLB player salaries are paid exclusively during the six-month span of the regular season. Our contract advances for MLB players are designed to help reduce the pressures that may stem from not receiving a regular paycheck during the off-season. Our customized bank loans and private financing solutions cater to the unique cash flow requirements of MLB players.

Contract advances are available to non-U.S. citizens.

For what purposes have players utilized an MLB Contract advance for?

  • To make an all-cash offer on a home or on an investment property
  • To capitalize on opportunities where the investment window precedes the cash flow from their contract or future contract
  • To invest in their own brand, business ventures, or to invest in their own training and nutrition during the off-season months in which they are not receiving regular cash flow from their contract
  • To consolidate/refinance higher-priced debt and align repayment with the expected future cash flow from their contract
  • To provide short-term advances for various other reasons

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