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Post-Settlement Award Advances

Post-Settlement Award Advances for Plaintiffs with Slow-Paying Settlements

Though the legal system exists to provide justice to those who have been wronged, justice doesn’t always move quickly. A personal injury suit might not reach a conclusion for up to two years. MDLs and class action lawsuits can take even longer due to various jurisdictions being involved.

Settlement Doesn’t Always Mean Payment

Even after a settlement has been reached, plaintiffs can find themselves waiting for months or years to actually see their awards. Cases involving minors, governments, international entities, and others may require long review periods after settlement.

But life doesn’t stop while plaintiffs are waiting for their awards to pay out — bills pile up while costs associated with medical procedures, lost wages, and other damages grow. Plaintiffs need a way to ease their financial burdens while waiting for justice to be served.

Post-Settlement Award Acceleration: A Solution for Plaintiffs Waiting for Their Award Tied to Slow-Paying Settlements

Balanced Bridge Funding offers plaintiffs post-settlement lawsuit funding, providing them an advance on their pending settlement money. Here’s how plaintiff settlement funding works:

  1. You, the plaintiff, were engaged in litigation and have received a favorable outcome, but the award has been delayed.
  2. Balanced Bridge purchases a portion of your award based on our review of your settlement documents.
  3. Balanced Bridge then provides you an advance based on this portion of your award.
  4. When the settlement pays, Balanced Bridge is repaid directly by your attorney.
  5. Because we only purchased a portion of your award, you are guaranteed to be paid the rest!

A post-settlement advance on your award can help you get by while you’re waiting for your slow-paying settlement proceeds to pay out. It can reduce your financial stress so you can focus on restoring your life to its normal state.

This is an Advance, NOT a Lawsuit Loan

Although commonly referred to as lawsuit loans, our post-settlement advances are NOT loans! An advance on a settlement, unlike a loan, doesn’t involve making monthly or other interim payments to a lender. Also, when your case does finally pay out, we will be repaid directly by your attorney so we won’t have to touch your personal accounts.

This is a Non Recourse Transaction: We Accept All the Risk

Don’t worry about what might happen if the defendant suddenly can’t pay your settlement award — we accept all risk of non-payment, meaning that you will still get to keep the money from your settlement advance if the defendant goes bankrupt or is unable to pay for whatever reason.

Fast, Hassle Free Application

If you think our post-settlement plaintiff funding solution could be the right fit for you, please call one of our legal funding specialists at 267-457-4540. Or to apply online, simply CLICK HERE and fill out our quick form application.

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Why Wait?

When you need money to pay the bills, see a doctor, grow your firm, or cover case cost expenses, the last thing you want to hear is “wait.” We offer a range of customized funding solutions so you never have to wait.