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Philips CPAP Class Action Lawsuit Update May 2024

Beyond Economic Claims Philips Now Settling Personal Injury Cases

Philips has announced they will settle personal injury claims related to their CPAP devices. Personal injury claims payouts will total over $500 million, which is in addition to the $479 million in economic claims they agreed to pay last year.

Philips CPAP Class Action Lawsuit Update May 2024 Tired Senior Taking Nap

The economics claims settlement (which was agreed to last year) totaled $479 million to reimburse people who incurred out of pocket expenses to replace their CPAP devices themselves and other expenses related to replacing their recalled CPAP devices.

This latest settlement (just announced in 2024) is for individuals who claim they suffered or are suffering, physical ailments caused by improper materials used in the manufacturing of their CPAP devices.

This settlement is the conclusion of the long saga of Philips CPAP. It does however seem unlikely this is the last lawsuit we will see around CPAP devices. It is often the case in class action lawsuits that when one manufacturer is sued because of a faulty device, other lawsuits follow for the other makers of similar devices.

If you would like to read about the entire history of the Philips CPAP litigation, please read our in-depth article: Philips CPAP Lawsuit.

In their Q1 report to shareholders, Philips mentions the settlement, but admitted “no fault”:

Philips CPAP Class Action Lawsuit Update May 2024 Man Awakened by Headache from CPAP

Philips also said that product liability insurance would cover a large portion of the payouts and the rest would pay for this from their cash flows, which means in essence, that they will pay cash to fund the settlement.

Philips also said in their Q1 report that they expect payments to go out in 2025. Lawyers who have been working on this settlement on behalf of their clients may be interested in post settlement funding to help recoup some of the attorneys’ fees they are owed rather than waiting until 2025 to receive their fees. Post settlement funding for lawyers is a financial vehicle that allows attorneys to sell some of the contingency fees they are owed to a finance company to get an advance on their attorney’s fees.

Summary – Philips CPAP Lawsuit Update May 2024

Philips CPAP Class Action Lawsuit Update May 2024 Man sleeps soundly with CPAP

There are many manufacturers of CPAP machines, and it is estimated that there are over 33 million people in the United States alone use CPAP machines. People depend on these devices to operate properly, and safely as they require their use to relieve/prevent the long term health consequences of sleep apnea.

Claims initially included a failed product recall that ended up costing people money out of their own pockets. Then came the personal injury claims from injuries sustained using faulty CPAP products. The Philips CPAP Lawsuit will end up costing Philips and its shareholders over $1 billion in total damages.

This lawsuit has taken several years to wind its way through the courts, but it appears as of today that Philips will settle these claims (without admitting any wrongdoing) and make payments from cash flow as well as from their insurance carrier to pay plaintiffs.

With over 33 million CPAP users in the United States alone, it seems unlikely we have seen the end of litigation surrounding CPAP devices.

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