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Balanced Bridge Provides Post Settlement Funding – Press Release

Balanced Bridge Provides Post Settlement Funding – Press Release. Recently, we issued a press release about how the firm continues to provide post settlement advances to both attorneys and plaintiffs.

You can view the press release link or see below:

Balanced Bridge Funding Provides Post Settlement Funding to Plaintiff Attorneys and Plaintiffs

Balanced Bridge Funding has been and continues to be a provider of post settlement funding to plaintiff attorneys and plaintiffs. Once a settlement is reached in a lawsuit, there can sometimes be delays until proceeds are distributed. In those situations, plaintiff attorneys can receive financing from Balanced Bridge on their expected fees and plaintiffs can also receive financing on their expected awards.

“Since 2016, Balanced Bridge has been a resource for the plaintiff attorney community across the United States,” says Joseph Genovesi. “We look forward to continue building those relationships throughout the country with different plaintiff attorney associations so they know how our product can benefit them.”

As a direct funder, Balanced Bridge provides financing to applicants and does not broker applications it receives to outside entities. Many of the companies that advertise attorney funding or post-settlement funding are brokers. Other companies in the legal funding space may only offer case cost financing, structured settlement funding, or pre-settlement funding. In addition, some legal funding companies may have a high minimum advance amount and cap the maximum amount they can give. At Balanced Bridge, the minimum advance we can provide to plaintiffs and plaintiff attorneys is $10,000. The maximum can be in the millions.

Plaintiffs and plaintiff attorneys interested in our post-settlement funding product can complete an application from Balanced Bridge’s website. Our application process is extremely easy. Once our underwriters receive the application, a decision on funding can be made within a few days. Balanced Bridge does not drag the process out because time is critical for the applicants. For plaintiff attorneys, the company can provide funding on the expected fees regardless of the case and jurisdiction. Balanced Bridge can help in most cases where there is a settlement in place and a payment delay. The same goes for plaintiffs who are part of a lawsuit that reached a settlement, received confirmation of their awards, and are now awaiting payment.

Plaintiffs who have awards from settled cases and are interested in our plaintiff post-settlement funding product can learn more by reading our FAQ on plaintiff legal funding. Plaintiff attorneys who have fees from settled cases and are interested in our attorney post-settlement funding product can also learn more by reading our FAQ on plaintiff attorney legal funding. Interested applicants can also check out our website or call 267-457-4540 and speak to one of our representatives. Any plaintiff or plaintiff attorney ready to apply for post-settlement funding on their fee or award can fill out an application today.

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