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FAQ on Legal Funding for Plaintiffs

FAQ on Legal Funding for Plaintiffs

FAQ on legal funding for plaintiffs. Here’s a list of common questions and answers we often receive from plaintiffs looking for legal funding on their cases.

Question: Who can apply for plaintiff legal funding?  

Answer: You can apply for funding if you are represented by an attorney and have a settled claim. If there will be some delay until your settled claim is distributed to you, we can provide an advance on that pending settlement award.

Question: Do you provide pre settlement funding to plaintiffs?  

Answer: We do not provide pre settlement funding currently. We specialize in plaintiff post settlement funding – read more here.

Question: Do you provide medical funding or surgical funding to plaintiffs?   

Answer: Unfortunately, at this time we do not provide medical or surgical funding. 

Question: How fast is the legal funding process? 

Answer: The typical turnaround time is a few days. Once we have all the documents, we can normally provide funds between 24-48 hours. 

Question: When can a plaintiff apply for legal funding?  

Answer: You can apply when you have documentation of your settled claim. (Ex. award letter, executed settlement agreement, executed release agreement)

Question: Does Balanced Bridge provide attorney retainer funding?   

Answer: Unfortunately, we do not provide attorney retainer funding. 

Question: Can Balanced Bridge provide funding to plaintiffs anywhere in the country? 

Answer: We can work with plaintiffs with settled cases in most states. You can feel free to check with us to determine if we can fund based on the state you live in. 

Question: What is the minimum you can provide to plaintiffs on their settled case award?   

Answer: Our minimum advance size starts at $10,000.00. 

Question: What is the maximum you can provide to plaintiffs on their settled case award?   

Answer: Our maximum advance size depends on your award size. Once we look at the documentation provided, we can give you a better estimate. 

Question: Can you provide legal funding to plaintiffs with judgments or verdicts?

Answer:  Usually, we can’t work with judgments or verdicts, but we will always be willing to answer any questions and take a look if you do have such an outcome in your case.

If you are a plaintiff with a settlement in your case but there will be a delay until it is distributed to you, feel free to contact us at or call us at 267-457-4540. If you are interested in funding today, complete our application.

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