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2023 NHL Trade Deadline March 3rd

The 2023 NHL Trade Deadline is March 3rd – Learn More About the Trade Deadline and what to expect in the final days before the trade deadline expires.

When is the 2023 NHL Trade Deadline?

Friday, March 3rd 2023, at 1:00 PM

About the NHL Trade Deadline

The NHL trade deadline is an annual event that is on different days, but nearly always in the month of March.

The NHL Trade Deadline marks the final day teams can make deals to add or remove players from their rosters. Like other professional sports teams, NHL teams look to strengthen their position in the league by signing or releasing players.

So far in 2023, we have already seen some unexpected trades. To kick things off, on January 30th, team captain (and an All Star) Bo Horvat was traded to The Islanders by the Vancouver Canucks. On February 9th, Vladimir Tarasenko was traded to the New York Rangers by the St. Louis Blues.

But some of the biggest trades so far have come over the last few days when the St. Louis Blues traded Ryan O’Reilly, and Noel Acciari to the Toronto Maples Leafs.


There is still some speculation about trades to come as we near the March 3rd NHL Trade Deadline. Who will be next? The next few days will tell the tale. To see who “may” be up for trade deals, check out:

How Will NHL Teams Decide Who to Trade in 2023?

Teams evaluate players using a variety of metrics, such as their goal percentage, assists, age, contract status, and injury histories. They then compare those metrics against other players in the league to determine which configuration of players is most likely to get them into the playoffs and hopefully help them bring home The Stanley Cup.

Fitting in – Teams also consider how a player is going to “fit in” with their culture and existing teammates when deciding who to trade and who to bring in. They will look at how well a particular player fits into their existing group of players and strategy to determine if they should make a move to acquire or release them.

Financial Sense – Lastly, a lot of trades simply have to do with the money. All NHL Teams must allocate salaries according to the NHL Salary Cap. Click here to see each NHL Teams current salary cap. Sometimes, a player with a high salary might be traded to another team to free up some salary, and get several new players, or simply re-allocate the money. And for the 2023 NHL Trade Deadline, there is a lot of talk about salary caps, and creative trades as teams trade players for better picks in the NHL Draft which is coming up in just a few months.

Some of the Biggest Trades in Recent NHL History Infographic

2023 NHL Trade Deadline is February ninth
  • Wayne Gretzky 1988
    The Edmonton Oilers traded Wayne Gretzky and two others to the Los Angeles Kings.
  • Patrick Roy 1995
    Patrick Roy helped win two Stanley Cups for the Canadiens, but was traded to the Colorado Avalanche along with team Captain Mike Keane. Roy led The Colorado Avalance to a Stanley Cup championship the same season he was traded.
  • Jumbo Joe Thornton 2005
    Boston traded Joe Thornton (after much criticism) to the San Jose Sharks in 2005. The Sharks made the playoffs nine out of the 10 years since picking up Joe Thorton.


Who Can We Expect to See Traded Before March 3rd 2023?

This is difficult to say at this point. With only days left before the trade deadline, there are still a lot of options teams can exercise, and a lot of players and salaries to pick from. One thing you can count on is that over the next week, we should see a lot of trade activity between teams.

How Does the NHL Trade Work?

  1. After two clubs have come to an agreement on a trade, the clubs must advise the League office, either by telephone or by FAX, of the terms of the trade.
  2. The League office then schedules a conference call with the two teams to review the transaction and give final approval for the deal.
  3. Prior to the trade call, the League office will ensure that the team has the appropriate salary cap space to make the deal; if draft choices are involved, that the club has the available choices; and that the team has available space on its reserve list to add the player(s). It should be noted that the 23-man roster restriction is no longer in force from Feb. 28 on.
  4. On the trade call, the League will a) review the terms of the player contracts and ensure
    that teams are aware of their respective obligations to the player(s) involved; b) ensure that, should a player have a no-trade clause, the player has waived that right; and c) ensure that any conditions to the consummation of the transaction have been clearly defined and agreed upon.
  5. The trade becomes official after the trade call has taken place.


What Happens to Players after the NHL Trade?

Finding Out They’ve Been Traded

Often players are on the road when they find out they’ve been traded. They might get a call from their agent or from the GM of their current team, or in a digital world, they might find out from a news alert on their phone, or a friend could learn about it on Twitter and text them that they’ve been traded.


Once a player has been traded, there is usually a short period of time before the player has to show up in their new town to transition into their new team. This often includes selling a home, getting kids out of school, spouses having to change jobs, moving to a new city they’ve never been to, and more. If a player is on the road with their current team, often they have their bags, and the only thing they receive to help them move is a plane ticket.

Not only that, because of the locations of hockey teams, often the move to a new city and new team is a massive transition. A player could be playing and practicing in Toronto one week (in the middle of a harsh winter) and be playing in Tampa Florida the next week in the heat and humidity. Or imagine that trade in reverse – being traded from the Tampa Bay Lightning to the Toronto Maple Leafs in the middle of winter!

Plus, there are immigration issues to deal with if a player is being traded from a Canadian Team to a team in the United States or visa versa. Immigration doesn’t care about the NHL Trade. Players have to jump through whatever hoops immigration requires to commence work in a new country.

Each NHL Trade you see in the news, looks like news. But behind every trade are friends, families, children, schools, and the financial burden of relocation. Read more human stories from the NHL Trade here.

One way NHL Players can help offset the cost of relocation is by taking out an NHL Contract Advance with a company like Balanced Bridge Funding. This allows NHL Players to take out some of the money they are guaranteed in their contract (in the future) right away to help cover the costs of relocation and adjusting to a new environment for themselves and their families. Otherwise, they are left to cover that cost either by depleting their savings, or using a credit card, or taking out a bank loan, which isn’t always expedient.

Summary – 2023 NHL Draft Deadline is March 9th

As we wind down to the final days before the 2023 NHL Trade Deadline, you can expect to see a lot of deals being made, teams making calls, and Sports Agents working a lot of late nights. So far, only a few teams have made deals, so you can expect to see a lot of activity over the next few days as teams shore up their rosters, look for new talent, strive for alignment with the team culture, and balance their budgets for the year.

You can find great daily updates and developments on:

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