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First Year Funding

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Settlement Advances – Factoring- and More!

First Year Funding for New Lawyers. Balanced Bridge extends their legal funding solutions for beginning lawyers newly hired at a firm.

There can be a lag between when a new lawyer is hired by a firm and when they actually start working and receiving paychecks. With Balanced Bridge’s First Year Funding option, a new attorney can have funds available to them, so they don’t have to wait until they start employment.

First Year Funding for New Lawyers. Here’s how First Year Funding can help you:

  1. Pay off your high rate credit cards.
  2. Purchase a stylish wardrobe for your new job.
  3. Put a down payment on an apartment or house.
  4. Lease or purchase a new car.
  5. Take care of moving costs.
  6. Pay for any other expenses you need to ensure you’re ready for your new job!

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