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Athlete Funding

Solutions for Professional Athletes With Guaranteed Contracts

As a professional athlete, you have to be on top of your game 100% of the time, even during the off-season. When you’re not in the arena, you’re in training; when you’re not in training, you’re devoting every second of your time to developing your future.

Even though your sport is a full-time job, you may still experience financial hurdles — especially if your contract specifies that you will only receive salary during the season. Unfortunately, your expenses for things like travel, training, and family are year round.

Many athletes take out loans against their guaranteed contracts so that they can have early access to a portion of their future salaries. This is where Balanced Bridge Funding comes in. We can provide these advances at bank like rates.

Access Your Money Now: Solutions for Professional Athletes With Guaranteed Contracts

Here’s how our contract advances work:

  • You, a professional athlete, need access to a portion of your guaranteed salary now.
  • Balanced Bridge Funding will help you obtain an advance from a local bank in your team’s city.
  • Balanced Bridge can provide you with a bridge loan while the bank is completing their due diligence process.
  • You will open a deposit account with the bank and will pay them back directly.

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