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The Metaverse and Real Estate How Savvy Agents Grow in 2022
January 13, 2022

The Metaverse and Real Estate: How Savvy Agents Grow in 2022

The Metaverse and Real Estate How Savvy Agents Grow in 2022. The metaverse has arrived…and no, we’re not referring to the social media company formally known as Facebook.

We’re referring to an online virtual world that provides augmented reality with 3D holographic avatars, video, and other means of communication for people to coexist in conjunction with the real world. (USA Today)

The Metaverse – Building Real Estate

The Metaverse and Real Estate How Savvy Agents Grow in 2022. While Facebook is busy building its own version of the metaverse, other companies have already started to develop their own metaverse platforms. Some of the most common platforms are Sandbox, Decentraland, Mirandus, and Axie Infinity. Inside these worlds, people can play games, explore virtual reality and even do business – including buying real estate.

Real Estate in the Metaverse

Savvy investors are already buying or planning to buy land in the metaverse, and these digital plots of real estate don’t always come cheap. In November of 2021, a 500 square-feet piece of virtual land sold for $2.43 million in the metaverse.

The Metaverse and Savvy Real Estate Agents

The Metaverse and Real Estate How Savvy Agents Grow in 2022. Savvy agents can jump this trend by taking the time to learn about the metaverse, how it operates, and partnering with creators to find buyers for their land, homes, and other digital buildings.

Digital Real Estate Firms for Virtual Clients

Agents can even potentially go as far as creating their own digital real estate firms for virtual customers to stop by and discuss making purchases in the real world. The possibilities for growth and income are wide and far-reaching for real estate professionals who are ready to embrace the digital future.

This latest article by Forbes about how to buy and sell in the Metaverse is very interesting.

What are your thoughts? Are you planning to leverage the metaverse to grow your real estate business?

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