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Settlement Recovery Firm Funding Options From Balanced Bridge
July 1, 2019

Settlement recovery firms provide a valuable service for plaintiffs eligible for payouts when such cases reach a resolution.

In lawsuits where businesses are more prevalent, such as antitrust, securities, and product liability cases, the amounts recoverable can be significant, and those plaintiffs must often file large amounts of documents to receive claims once the litigation settles.

For a fee, a class action settlement recovery firm will find businesses eligible for such claims and assist them in filing and collecting. However, there is typically a gap between the work done to earn those fees and their distribution.

Balanced Bridge is excited to offer a specialty funding solution for class action claims recovery firms that don’t want to or can’t afford to wait until distribution of their fees.

A Balanced Bridge Advance will Bridge the Gap.

With documentation of the pending fees, Balanced Bridge will provide an advance in a matter of days. Our firm has provided similar funding products to numerous groups, including plaintiffs and lawyers in settled cases with payment delays , real estate professionals on their commissions, and government contractors, just to name a few.

An advance can be used to:

  • Pay costs and expenses for the business
  • Market and advertise for new clients
  • Fund payroll or bonuses for employees

Here are some examples of cases we might be able to help with:

  • Automotive Parts Antitrust Litigation 
    This sprawling set of cases have involved many defendants over accusations of collusion to raise prices on a variety of vehicle component parts. Three rounds of settlements have occurred with over 50 defendants. With the Round 3 settlements recently receiving final approval, Balanced Bridge can help with advances on fees for firms working with clients on recovery.
  • Optical Disk Drive Antitrust Litigation 
    10 defendants have reached agreement to settle with indirect purchasers of optical disk drives. Again, these defendants have been accused of fixing prices at high levels. Total settlements are over $200 million with final approval granted earlier this year. Again, Balanced Bridge would be in position to provide advances for third party recovery firms against their fees owed.
  • Transpacific Air Purchaser Litigation 
    Various defendant airlines were accused again of fixing prices on airline tickets between the United States and Asia/Oceania. Previous settlements occurred in 2015 and 2018 with 13 different airlines. All Nippon Airways became the last remaining holdout defendant to settle earlier in 2019 for $58 million. Claimants including individuals and businesses who purchased tickets through the airline have until early 2020 to submit forms.
  • Payment Card Interchange Fee Litigation 
    Visa and MasterCard were accused of charging excessive fees to businesses and merchants who accepted such credit cards for their transactions. The first attempted settlement agreement was hammered out in 2015, but that was ultimately struck down by a federal appeals court. The latest settlement agreement totaling over $6 billion was preliminarily approved in Sept. 2018 with a final approval hearing scheduled for late 2019. Once final approval is given, Balanced Bridge would be in position here to start providing advances here on class action recovery firm fees.

Contact Balanced Bridge to learn more about how an advance can help your firm.

Settlement recovery firms with fees owed in cases like these and others can contact Balanced Bridge Funding at 267-457-4540 or

Representatives are happy to answer questions and speak in more detail about the funding terms and process. Our website also has more information available at .

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